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How to Clean Under Your Keyboard

Cleaning a Computer Keyboard is really easy and prevents the keys sticking. If the keyboard isn’t too bad, you can simply disconnect it, turn it upside down, hoover over the keys, and then wipe them over with a damp (but nearly dry) lint free cloth. If they keyboard is bad, it’s still simple, but just […]

Dealing With Spam Emails

How to get rid of spam is a question that all of us have asked from time to time, and this tells you different ways of dealing with it. Many people don’t realise that when you use most of the popular comparison websites, be that for insurance, holidays, or some other service, then you are […]

Making Space on Your Hard Drive

Whether you plan to edit videos on your latest laptop purchase, play the hot, new computer game on the market or simply store enough audio files to make a professional DJ jealous, chances are you’re going to need to expand the amount of memory your standard-issue laptop computer came with. If you find yourself in […]

West Palm Beach: Computer PC Repair & Business Networking Areas

We service the West Palm Beach area for computer PC repair on-sites, business network and all forms of IT management needs. Business Networking in West Palm Beach If you are a business or an individual who needs networking we can service your IT needs. If your PC need cleanup we have the experience to take […]

Best Computer Repair In Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Computer Repair Looking for a great computer repair company can be like looking for a nettle in a haystack but there are some good pointers to look for in finding a great company to fix your PC in Palm Beach County. What great Palm beach County computer repair company’s in have in […]

Windows XP Support Ends

Support for Windows XP operating system is due to end during 2010 after a ten year lifespan, an extremely long time in PC software terms. Windows XP SP 1, XP SP2 and Vista support will end during the year, and support will only continue if you are using at least XP SP3 or Vista SP1. […]

Cleaning The Dust in My PC

Keeping your computer dust free is something not many people seem to consider until problems arise, yet dust removal can prevent quite a few problems. In particular, dust removal can make your computer quieter and make your computer more efficient. Making Your Computer More Efficient In the usual computer setup, a fan sucks in air […]